Welcome to Poké Bar

Sushi has become a staple in modern dining but in the midst of our busy lives, having a leisurely sit-down experience is often not an option. Therefore, we created a way for you to be able to enjoy fresh, quality food without missing a beat in your daily schedule.

Poké Bar proudly serves delicious food to the greater Los Angeles community.



Adriana C.
I will start off by saying that the poke is delicious. I have been to the one by Woodland Hills that I think is the same chain. Prices are reasonable and...
Dude Food G.
On my way home from a covid test i couldn't decide what to eat. I ended up at this spot. The staff was really helpful, thanks Mason. The menu item...
Leila P.
I think Poke Bar pretty much does everything right. All of their ingredients (both fish/veggies) are really fresh! I feel like a lot of poke places don't do...
Blake Kibō
I like this place but I would not eat here. Prices are a little high but the quality of the food is great. I recommend it.
Michael Wofford
One of the best Poké Bar spots. Huge scoops, shaka🤙! Need to add dry seaweed/furikake as a topping option though like all the other Poke Bar Spots.
Elizabeth Price
I came here years ago, and decided to see if it was as good as I remembered and was not disappointed. High end Sicilian Italian food - not what you get at your typical American Italian restaurant. Not cheap but worth the price. Street parking that is way easier than most of LA....
san saephanh
I enjoy this place. Driveway is a little steep for lower cars. The food itself is delicious. Lots of combo. The house sauce + spicy mayo combo is one of my favorites.
Theresa Cooper
My husband is from Italy and this is his favorite Italian restaurant in the city. It's a wonderful little place owned and run by actual Sardinians (very friendly) and the food is truly authentic Italian. My favorite dish here is the Spaghittusu cun Allu Ollu e Bottariga...
I had a long day and went to the Olympic and La Brea location where I was met with exceptional service by Carmen. She was so helpful and made a picture perfect bowl. I love the food and service here!